Battle of the Warriors

Battle of the Warriors

Story centers on a battle during China's Warring States Period, a series of civil wars, which spanned from the 5th to the 3rd century B.C. Based on a popular Japanese manga, which was in turn based a Japanese novel inspired by Warring States history in China.


In 370 B.C, China was separated as seven nations and several other small tribes, one of these being the city state of Liang. The nation of Zhao is led by the terrifying prime commander Xiang Yangzhong who orders his troops to launch an attack on Liang in a bid to conquer the small city. Leaping to the defense of the cowed people of Liang is a warrior who goes by the name of 'Ge Li' from the Mo-Tsu tribe, renowned for its defensive skills. He is their last hope as the terrors of Yangzhong's troops are unleashed. The future of Liang now hangs in the balance, with all their hopes pinned on the mysterious Mo-Tsu warrior Ge Li...


Genre:Action | Drama | War   

Runtime: 133 min  

Country:China | Japan | South Korea | Hong Kong


Release Date:23 November 2006 (Hong Kong)

Also Known As:A Battle of Wits

Director: Chi Leung 'Jacob' Cheung

Writers: Chi Leung 'Jacob' Cheung, Ken'ichi Sakemi (comic)

Stars:Andy Lau, Sung-kee Ahn and Zhiwen Wang



Partea 1

Partea 2

Partea 3

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