Oneechanbara: The Movie - Vortex

Oneechanbara: The Movie - Vortex

Sisters Aya and Saki put aside their rivalry and go toe-to-toe with Himiko and her band of zombies. The evil Himiko needs the blood of the young girls to restore her youth, while the sisters need to stop Himiko to save mankind ...

Bikini-clad zombie slayer Aya is back for a second movie! The popular video game heroine hacked and slashed her way to a feature film in 2008 starring Otoguro Eri. There are hot new slayers in the house for the equally entertaining 2009 sequel OneChanbara The Movie - vorteX (a.k.a. Chanbara Beauty The Movie - vorteX), but the premise and characters stay the same. Pin-up model Tejima Yuu steps in as the new Aya, complete with fur-trimmed bikini, cowgirl hat, and extra-long katakana. She is joined in her scantily clad zombie-slicing adventures by Ozawa Akari, Kawamura Rika, and Imura Kumi.


Traducere - Rafi


Directed by:Tokairin Takeshi
Genre:Action \ Horror
Runtime:82 min


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