Mutant Girls Squad

Mutant Girls Squad

At 2009's New York Asian Film Festival, action choreographer and director Tak Sakaguchi (BE A MAN! SAMURAI SCHOOL), director and special effects genius, Yoshihiro Nishimura (TOKYO GORE POLICE) and cherubic pervert, Noboru Iguchi (ROBOGEISHA), got drunk and vowed to make a movie together. One year later, here it is. For better or worse, this splatter-ific, fetishy, hyperactive take on the X-Men is going to shock, horrify and delight you. It comes at you fast and furious and if something crosses the line between good and bad taste, don't worry: five minutes later you'll see something that makes that previous transgression seem downright quaint.

Rin is a normal high school girl, but on her super sweet sixteen her body starts changing and the special forces (armed with nose-mounted machine guns) bust up her birthday party and kill her guests with booger bullets. It turns out that Rin is one of the reviled mutants, known as Hiruko's, who are the latest inferior race slated for extinction. But Rin runs, and discovers a resistance movement made up of other mutants. Not only are they dangerous, but they're also armed, only their arms stick out from the sides of their heads. Swords shoot out their nipples, chainsaws project from their butts, deformed faces grow on their bellies and metal claws erupt from their wrists. But these deformities are the weapons they'll use to tear down straight society.


Movie: Mutant Girls Squad
AKA: Sentô shôjo: Chi no tekkamen densetsu
Genre: Action, Gore
Director: Noboru Iguchi, Yoshihiro Nishimura, and Taku Sakaguchi
Writer: Noboru Iguchi, Jun Tsugita
Cast: Yumi Sugimoto, Suzuka Morita, Yuko Takayama
Release Date: May 22, 2010
Runtime: 90min
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
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