Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

Este o comedie care vine să parodieze diferite momente comice ale vieţii de supererou. Este vorba despre doi oameni aparent cu o viaţă banală, dar care dezvoltă un mare apetit pentru cultul acesta, al supereroului. Cei doi vor fi puşi in diferite ipostaze comice, dar şi în situaţii limită.


Renowned Hong Kong filmmaker Peter Chan (Bodyguards and Assassins) takes a diversion from his usual serious stuff to produce the first ever Chinese superhero comedy Mr. and Mrs. Incredible! Louis Koo (All's Well End's Well 2011) and Sandra Ng (I Love Hong Kong) topline the latest laughfest from director Vincent Kok (Forbidden City Cop) and his co-writer Steven Fung (Shaolin Soccer), both of them frequent creative collaborators of Stephen Chow. With witty humor and comical fight scenes aplenty, the whimsical action comedy reportedly rocked the Cannes film market by breaking the sales price record for an Asian comedy held by Chow's Kung Fu Hustle. Released theatrically during the lucrative Lunar New Year frame of 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible co-stars Chapman To (La Comedie Humaine), Wang Bo Chieh (Bodyguards and Assassins), Wen Zhang (Ocean Heaven), and newcomer Li Qin (The Dream Of Red Mansions).
Middle-aged superheroes "Jiong Jiong Xia" (who shoots deadly lightning from his eyes) Nie Huan (Louis Koo) and "Xiang Xiang Xia" (who wields aromatic weapons of mass destruction) Xiaohong (Sandra Ng) have grown tired of their life of violence. After getting married, the super-couple decides to retire from the martial world altogether and live in seclusion in a remote village. At first, they are happy to waste their superpowers on the mundane household chores. But after a few years, they're nearly bored to death by the uneventful life that should belong to ordinary folks. So when they hear that the upcoming Martial World Assembly is going to be held in their very village, both of them are itching to make their long-awaited comeback!


A.K.A: San kei hap lui
Cast: Louis Koo, Sandra Ng, Chapman To
Directed: Vincent Kok
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 1:40:22
Country: China | Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese


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