Love Ghost

Love Ghost

Midori, a high-school girl, returns with her mother to the town she grew up in after many years absent.
She's a normal girl in every respect, save for repeated dreams of a man in black clothes; his face obscured, walking slowly towards her. Every night, he comes closer and closer, and she wakes up terrified.
When she arrives for her first day at school, she notices Ryusuke, a childhood friend whom she grew up with, and gets re-acquainted.
She soon also makes friends with some of the girls; although some harbor jealousy over her good looks and the way she catches the eyes of the desirable guys.
The girls are big into fortune telling, tarot, and horoscopes, and believe the answers to love lay within.
Frustrated with the lack of results from previous methods, the girls consider trying Tsujiura, an ancient fortune-telling technique in which one covers her eyes, then randomly accosts a passerby to ask a question. The answer they give is taken to be the truth.
Sometimes though, a "not-so-normal" person passes by to answer the question, a handsome boy in black clothes. Rumor has it that if he finds you, he will give you the answers to your questions—but they may not be the answers you want to hear.


Aka Shibito no Koiwazurai
Director: Kazuyuki Shibuya
Writers: Junji Ito and Naoyuki Tomomatsu
Release Date: 24 March 2001
Genre: Horror
Language: Japanese with English hardsubs
Runtime: 95 mins
IMDB Link:
Shibito no Koiwazurai


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