I'm a Cyborg, But Thats OK

I'm a Cyborg, But Thats OK

Il-sun, a young male patient hospitalized for anti-social behaviour and kleptomania (stemming from schizophrenia), becomes fascinated with Young-goon; he is described as having "no sympathy" for his fellow man, believes he can "steal" other people's souls/attributes, and frequently wears handmade rabbit masks. He fears that he will eventually "shrink into a dot" and is seen compulsively brushing his teeth when nervous or upset. His habit of covertly taking the traits of his fellow inmates makes him the frequent target of scorn, however is shown willingly accepting and returning certain traits to their owners after he has had his fill of them.


Cast:Su-jeong Lim,Rain
Directed:Chan-wook Park
Genre:Comedy / Drama / Romance
Runtime:105 min
Also Known As:Saibogujiman kwenchana
Country:South Korea
Release Date:


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