Human Condition 3

Human Condition 3

Part three of a trilogy. After the Japanese defeat to the Russians in the last episode, Kaji, the Japanese soldier and humanist protagonist, leads the last remaining men through Manchuria . Intent on returning to his dear wife and his old life, Kaji faces great odds in a variety of different harrowing circumstances as he and his fellow men sneak behind enemy lines. Ultimately, he finds himself in the exact opposite position he held in the first episode: then a labor manager, Kaji is now a prisoner of war, forced to work for the Russians, whom do not seem to hold to the Communist ideals in which Kaji himself had put his faith.


AKA: Ningen no joken III || A Soldier's Prayer
Year: 1961
Directed: Masaki Kobayashi
Genre: War
Runtime: 3:10:05
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
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Tatsuya Nakadai (Kaji) || Michiyo Aratama (Michiko)


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Partea 2

Partea 3

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