Heavens Soldier

Heavens Soldier

Tensions in divided Korea reach a high peak with North Korean soldiers being charged with delivering a nuclear bomb and South Korean troops determined to stop them and gain possession of the bomb. However, in the middle of the conflict Halley’s Comet appears in the sky – and this causes a “time rift” linking the present with other points in the comet’s 433-year cycle of close approaches to the Earth. The modern Korean men (and one woman) unintentionally and to their surprise find themselves Time traveling back from 2005 to 1572.
The soldiers on both two sides are in considerable confusion, unsure as to how to get home or where the nuke over which they had struggled has disappeared. Also, the 16th Century Korea in which they find themselves is imminently threatened by an invasion of the Jurchen tribes. The soldiers find themselves divided between the option of using their modern weaponry and thus possibly changing history, or trying to return to their own time without aiding the Korean defenders against the Jurchens.


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Directed by Min Joon-Ki

Written by Min Joon-Ki

Starring Park Joong-hoon.Kim Seung-woo,Hwang Jung-min,Kong Hyo-jin

Editing by Park Gok-ji

Release date(s) 15 July 2005

Running time 106 min.

Country South Korea

Language Korean

Genres:Action | Comedy | Sci-Fi

Also Known As: Cheon gun



Jeong-min Hwang ...       Park Jung-woo

Byeong-chun Kim          

Ji-hyeon Kim                  

Seung-cheol Kim            

Seung-woo Kim     ...       Kang Min-gil

Su-hyeon Kim                

Hyo-jin Kong         ...       Kim Su-yeon

Joong-Hoon Park ...       Admiral Yi Sun-shin


Partea 1

Partea 2

Partea 3

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