Die of Violent Death

Die of Violent Death

An omnibus film of four stories pulled straight from Thailand's most gruesome headlines. In "Flame", a man is haunted by regret and a ghost after he survives a nightclub fire that killed his girlfriend. In "Imprison", a prisoner questions his sanity after his cell-mate hangs himself. In "Revenge", a deaf-mute drug dealer murders a woman thief in his apartment, and makes the mistake of stashing her corpse in his apartment building's water duct. Finally, in the comic "Haunting Motel", an aging stripper-cum-prostitute, a gay guy and his straight friend end up in a hotel owned by a crazy old lady and haunted by a ladykiller.




Release Date:28 January 2010 (Thailand)

Also Known As: Tai hong

Director: Poj Arnon, Tanwarin Sukkhapisit, Chartchai Ketknust, Manus Worrasingha

Genres:Horror | Thriller

Cast:Mai Charoenpura ,Akara Amarttayakul ,Supakson Chaimongkol ,Vasana Chalakorn



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