Break Ke Baad

Break Ke Baad

Aspiring actress Aaliya and her lifelong love, Abhay, find their relationship put to the test when Aaliya's career ambitions become top priority, and Abhay begins to fear that their flame may be slowly flickering out. Aaliya and Abhay have been friends since childhood. They were in their teens when things turned romantic, but lately Aaliya has been itching to launch her career as an actress. Abhay, on the other hand, has few career prospects, though his love for Aaliya remains as strong as ever. When Aaliya announces that she has decided to study acting in Australia, Abhay agrees to put their relationship on hold for the time being as his heart silently shatters. Later, as Aaliya ascends to stardom, she realizes that success rings hollow without Abhay by her side, and together they decide that their love is still worth fighting for.

Traducerea - LadyBlue

Genre:         Comedy | Drama | Romance
Runtime:     112 Mins.
Country:      India
Language:    Hindi | English

Original Title:  Break Ke Baad
Alternative Title:  After the Break

Deepika Padukone ... Aaliya
Imran Khan ... Abhay
Sharmila Tagore ... Ayesha
Shahana Goswami ... Nadia
Lillete Dubey ... Pammi
Navin Nischol ... Jeet Gulati
Yudhishtir Urs ... Cyrus


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