Air Doll

Air Doll

Middle-aged Hideo lives alone with an inflatable doll he calls Nozomi. The doll is his closest companion. He dresses it up, talks to it over dinner, takes it out for walks in the community (with the doll in a wheel chair) and has sexual intercourse with it. However, unbeknown to Hideo, Nozomi was created with a heart. After Hideo leaves for work each day, Nozomi dresses in her maid's outfit and explores the world outside their apartment with a sense of child-like wonder. Eventually she takes a job in a video store and becomes romantically involved with one of the employees. He discovers her secret -- with unanticipated results.


AKA : Kuki ningyo
Year: 2009
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
Subtitle(s) : English
Film Genre : Drama
Air Doll

Director : Hirokazu koreeda
Cast : Du-na Bae, Arata, Itsuji Itao, Jo Odagiri, Sumiko Fuji


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