After the Rain

After the Rain

Ihei Misawa and his wife Tayo, stranded by rains at a country inn, bring a great deal of happiness to the other residents of the inn by means of Ihei's generosity and good spirit. Ihei is a masterless samurai and fencing expert. Ihei comes to the attention of Lord Shigeaki, who hires him as fencing instructor for Lord Shigeaki's men. But Ihei's expertise causes friction and jealousy in Shigeaki's castle and his future there comes into doubt.


Also known as: After the Rain / When the Rain Lifts / Ame Agaru

Year: 1999
Directed: Takashi Koizumi
Genre:  Drama/Samurai Film
Runtime: 01:27:48
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese


Partea 1

Partea 2

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